As a seller there is a lot to think about, however I would recommend focusing on these two items.  When pricing your home, allow myself, as your agent, to present to you the best market data available so that you can make an accurate and informed decision on how to price your home.  Also, allow our designers to offer tips and advice on how to stage/organize your home so that when a potential buyer views it, it really shines and its best features are impossible to miss.

The process of selling your home can be stressful and challenging. Educating yourself and working with a great agent are the best ways to ensure that your home selling process will be as smooth as possible.
Finding a Good Agent
What I Can Do For You
Preparing To Sell Your Home
Getting Prepared
Home Improvements
Remodeling Your Home
Showing Checklist
Pricing Your Home
How To Price
What Happens When Your Home Is Listed?
What Happens When Your Home Is Listed?
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